Original Pizza LogsTM


Our flagship product, Original Pizza Logs started in Western New York, arguably the capital of Finger Foods.  Only the best ingredients will do for Original Pizza Logs.  We use only whole milk mozzarella cheese, nothing imitated, no fillers.  We insist on only high grade, quality, pepperoni.  We use simply the best meatless spaghetti sauce.  The product is wrapped in quality dough.


We currently offer 5 different varieties and are available in different quantities and preparation methods.  We are proud to offer numerous varieties for our vegetarian customers.  Check out these delicious varieties:

Pepperoni & Cheese

Pepperoni, Cheese & Hot Peppers

Sausage & Cheese

Sausage, Cheese, and Hot Peppers


For New Customers

Our current customers include some of the largest national food distributors in America and already have product codes established for Pizza Logs. Read More...